Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A-day +2

Today was Redwood National Park day. We drove about 5 hours south of Coos Bay (where we spent the night last night) down the Pacific Coast Highway along the Pacific Coast (duh, big red truck) to see the giant redwoods. The views of the rocky coast were just as spectacular as yesterday. Even saw seals frolicking in the surf. They were too far away for a good picture, so just use your imagination.

Anyway, whoever did the signage for the park must subscribe to my KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) philosophy. Check out the simple wording on this sign.

Right away, I'm thinking here is a BIG TREE. Sure enough, here it is.

It is 500 years old, 305 feet tall, and has a diameter of 21.5 feet. According to Sweety's calculations, that is a circumference of approximately 67.5 feet. If the tree was ringed by Bubba clones all about 4 feet from nose to tip of tail, that would be a snarling pack of 17 Bubbas running like mad, each one trying to keep the Bubba in back of him from biting him on the tail.

Here is Ms. Anne hugging a giant redwood.

At the end of the loop that we took inside the park, was Elk Meadow. On both sides of the road were beautiful, grassy meadows dotted with wild flowers. As we approached the fields, I was trying to figure out where to turn and Sweety says, "What are those?" Looking further down the road, all I see are some white rectangular things sticking out of the grass on the right-hand side that appear to be informational signs that one sees in parks with pictures of flora and fauna that the tourist can expect to see in the area. So I say, "Signs."

"Signs?," she says.

"Yep, I think they are signs," I reply.

"Those things?" she says.

We are now right in front of the signs. "Yeah. Do you want me to stop so you can read them?" I ask.

"No, we're already past them now." she said sort of irritatedly.

"Well, help me figure out where to turn," I said very irritatedly.

"Just turn around and go back so I can see those animals again," she insists.

"What animals?", I demand.

"They were elk, I think," she nicely replies.

"Where?", I question.

"Right back there where you told me they were called signs," she responded.

"I didn't see any animals," I insisted.

"They were as close as that STOP sign." We were about 25 feet from the end of the road.

Sure enough, I was looking on the wrong side of the road.

Here are the elk.

I told you I have to operate by the KISS Principle. TWO sides of the road? Who knew?

After we took pictures of the elk, we ate lunch at the side of the meadow and watched the elk take a nap. We then drove 5 hours north to Eugene, Oregon. We stopped at a Chinese Buffet and pigged out. I have had my bath and now it's time to say Goodnight, John Boy. Posted by Picasa


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You're on a roll, John Boy! I had tears from laughing so hard!

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