Monday, April 24, 2006

Fly Fishing on the Little Mo

We finally got a weekend without storms in Arkansas, so Sweety and I went with Sue, Doug, Eve and Steve to Murfreesboro to fly fish on the Little Missouri River. The state stocks the river with nice rainbow trout.

Here are the guys waiting on Eve to get her fishing makeup on so we can catch supper. Sue and Sweety don't fish, so they shop.

This is Doug and me casting into the Wall Hole. It was teeming with fish, but they didn't want to eat what we were feeding. By late afternoon, we only had five fish to feed six people.

This is excellent technique for standing in the water and not catching fish.

What the heck? A dead carp floating by. Maybe I can put this on the stringer and no one will notice.

It was almost dark and we still needed some fish for supper, so Eve came up with a plan to use Power Bait to catch fish. She saw two old ladies and another female catching fish on Power Bait and this sparked some kind of competitive instinct in her. She came to the bank and said,"If those three can catch fish, I can too." So she rigged up her line and caught a fish in about one minute. When Steve saw this, he grabbed the other spincast rod he had brought and he caught a couple of fish. We fished all day for five fish, and then Eve and Steve caught four more in ten minutes. We now have a new strategy for the next trip.

It was a lot of fun, and although I only caught one fish it was HUGE and really fought. It was the kind of battle one would see on some outdoor fishing show. Very cool.

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Blogger Garden Obsession said...

Love it! I'm intrigued by the fishing makeup. Who makes that? Revlon?

MIght want to see about the exposure settings of that new camera. Everything is a little flare-y, you know?

2:46 PM  
Blogger What Was I Thinkin'? said...

You are absolutely correct. Bubba appears to have a halo. Teehee.

4:18 PM  
Blogger Garden Obsession said...

Yeah, no irony there, huh?

9:39 AM  

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