Saturday, May 06, 2006

Alaska Day (A-day) -2

We're headed for Alaska Monday, so I checked the weather in Seattle, Lake City (California), Prince George (British Columbia), and Whitehorse (Yukon Territory) for the next fifteen days. Woohoo! Nice, but cool all the way. Might even see some snow in Whitehorse.

We fly to Seattle on Monday, pick up the RV and take off down the Washington coast to maybe Longview. Next we drive down the Oregon coast to the giant redwood forest in Northern California, a (hopefully) quick trip across the top of California to Lake City, and then back up to Seattle by Interstate 5 to meet Doug and Sue.

Sweety put together some spices in a box so we can have more variety in meal preparation this trip. We put the spices in small zip-top bags (this was Sue's idea), so we have at most a couple of tablespoons of each one, but there are so many different spices, I don't think we will feel deprived. We will just buy some salt and pepper and some Salad Supreme when we get there. I am thinking about which cookbook I want to take. We will probably have to cook only about ten big meals because Doug and Sue will cook every third night, we'll cook the next night, and we will eat out the next night until we get to the end of the trip. Doug and Sue will not get there until Saturday, the 13th, so we will have a few more meals to fix for ourselves until they arrive. I wish they would hurry up. I get tired of my cooking.

I just took Bubba for a nice long walk on the golf course and then to Kamp Kimbrough where he will reside until May 30th. Hope he doesn't bite anybody.

I'm going to go work on packing.


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