Sunday, April 30, 2006

In the Vineyard

Heather came to our house for Sweety's birthday and on Saturday afternoon Sue organized a trip to Los Pinos Ranch Winery in Pittsburg (Texas). This is a nice little winery in a very unexpected location in Northeast Texas. They were hosting the East Texas Wine and Food Festival. They had representatives from other East Texas Wineries (who knew there were so many?) along with food from area country clubs and restaurants.

We have been there several times in the past, and the winery appears to be flourishing. It has many more vines than the last time we visited. We like their wine as they have developed several styles which are easy to sip and not too dry for my taste. Sweety liked the Pinky Tuscandero and Heather liked Sweet Rodeo Red. My favorite was the Syrah.

This is Heather studying the grapevines.

Sue's back and Doug's front. This picture should have been taken from the opposite direction!

Steve and Eve applaud the musical entertainment. BTW, Eve was drinking WATER!!

I'm looking for a potty.

When it started getting cool, we headed home for birthday cake. Eve made a wonderful chocolate praline cake that made you want to slap your mammy.Posted by Picasa


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