Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A-day +1

We are blogging from the KOA in Coos Bay, OR.

We got up way too early this morning and started with a fine breakfast. We straightened up the "house", checked the email talked to a few folks on the phone and took off for Fort Clatsop, the exact place where Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1805-06 on the Pacific coast. I had listened to some audio clips on the internet provided by the U.S. Parks Service about the park and the reconstructed fort. There is lots of Lewis and Clark stuff in this area to see and learn about.

The class of fourth graders from Longview, WA, below is studying the Voyage of Discovery and each has a name of one of the members of the original party on a tag around their neck. They are learning all about their character and the role he played on the trip. Very nice bunch of kids and they were really taking notes. When I said we were from Longview, Texas, the teacher said,"Oh, I went to Baylor. Even though I am from Washington, I was at a summer church camp with a girl from Longview, Texas, and she asked me to go to Baylor with her and I did."

After we left Fort Clatsop, we started down the Pacific Coast Highway specifically to see sights like this.

It is just one beautiful, rugged beach after another.

We stopped for lunch at a place named Tidal Raves Seafood Grill at Depoe Bay because Sweety wanted to have a nice lunch at a place with a view of the ocean. We really lucked out because this place only had about 20 tables and the whole back of the building was floor to ceiling windows looking over a wild bowl of crashing surf. Very beautiful. And the food was EXCELLENT!

After lunch, we went on down to a place called "Sea Lion Cave" where we looked down on a rookery for a pod of, well, SEA LIONS! They look pretty small in this picture, but acutally they are huge and can weigh as much as 1500 pounds.

There are several (about 6) lighthouses on the Oregon coast. This is Heceta Head lighthouse. We saw one other, but is was not very interesting. Another was completely closed for renovation. It was even draped in plastic so you couldn't take a picture. One I think we missed, and two others are further south.

It was decided today that we were having too much fun on the way to Lake City, CA, and that we would never make it there and back to Seattle in time to meet Doug and Sue. So the revised plan is to run down to Klamath, CA, tomorrow, hug a tree, and spend the night tomorrow in Eugene, OR.

Got to get up early. Goodnight, John Boy. Posted by Picasa


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Gorgeous! Sounds like you're having a good time! Love the sea lions!

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