Tuesday, May 09, 2006


We got up at 4:30 so we could leave the house about 5:10 so we could be at the airport at 5:30 for our 6:44 flight to Dallas. Everything was uneventful. Here Sweety is trying to stay awake while they wind up the rubber band in the puddle jumper.

We left Big D on time at 8:49 CDT. I reset my watch to 6:49 Pacific Daylight Time so I wouldn't starve for lunch. For some reason I was starving at 10:00 am PDT and all we had to eat was an apple. I ate it.

As we approached Seattle, big volcanoes started appearing above the clouds. I don't know which one this is, but there are several big ones out here.

We were picked up at the Seattle-Tacoma airport by a nice lady named Mary and she took us to her place of business to pick up our RV. It is a 24-footer compared to the 20-footer we drove up in last year. This sucker is plush. It has HOT WATER! Doors still swing open while driving down the road and lots of stuff rattles. Oh, and radio works, too. Last year, ours died somewhere out on the prairie.

It is not a new one, but one good thing is it already has a chipped windshield. I called ABC Motorhomes in Anchorage and asked if I could cancel my $200 windshield insurance policy and they said sure. So I have a credit and don't have to worry about the stupid windshield.

So after spending a couple of hours at Top Foods and Wal-Mart, we hit the highway. Spent lots of money on groceries and other goodies for the RV, but kind of like a turtle, this is our home we are carrying around with us for the next three weeks.

We crossed the Columbia River (below) into Oregon about 7:00. This is the area where Lewis and Clark spent a very cold, dangerous winter after reaching the Pacific on their Expedition of Discovery across the Louisiana Purchase in 1804-06.

We are staying at a KOA Kampground in Astoria, OR. The coolest thing is the wireless internet connection. I am blogging from inside the RV. No hassle, no problem. All technology is working great. Hope the trend continues.

We had grilled Tillamook Cheese sandwiches for supper. It is after 1:00 am in Texas and I have been up for 20 hours. Driving in my sleep tonight probably. Good night, John Boy.

Posted by PicasaDear First Friends
We saw some beautiful clouds from the airplane window on the trip from Dallas to Seattle, Washington. God made some really spectacular sight! Mr. Jay forgot to put that picture in. Maybe tomorrow. We picked up our RV and are now travelling like a turtle. Our house is on our back, sorta.like a turtle. Today we are driving down the coast of Oregon to northern California. We will count it a great day if we see sea lions and whales. I will send you more pictures and messages the next time we are able to get a good computer connection.
Be good in God's love.
Ms. Anne


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