Thursday, May 18, 2006

A-day +10 Dease Lake, BC to Watson Lake, YT

What another wonderful drive today. Snow everywhere, frozen lakes, and abundant wildlife. Everything you go to Alaska for. And we're not even in Alaska yet!

This moose was enjoying a fine breakfast of aquatic vegetation.

Saw some Dahl sheelp up high on a mountain side. These aren't the ones we saw because we had a camera malfunction, so I Googled this picture.

This is Jade City, BC, looking south down Hwy 37. We had just come through those mountains you see. This is known as the Cassiar Highway. It is a bit rougher than other main highways up here, but the beauty makes every pothole worth it.

Finally, I've shown you the World's Largest Cross Country Skis, The World's Largest Chainsaw, and maybe the World's Largest Hockey Stick. Add The World's Largest Fly Rod to your collection. It is in Houston, BC, and I didn't get it blogged on the correct day. But I had room for it today and I knew you were anxious to see it.

We got to Watson Lake very early (12:30 pm) today so we have done laundry, grocery shopped, checked our email and written the blog. Tonight we are going to a display of the northern lights at the Northern Lights Theatre here in Watson Lake.

This is also the town with the signposts from all over the world, but I put that in the blog last year. Tomorrow is Whitehorse and some delicious Halibut Fish and Chips. Yummmmmm! Posted by Picasa


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