Monday, May 15, 2006

A-day +5 Seattle to Lynden

Doug and Sue arrived around noon at the RV rental place where we were waiting on them to arrive from the airport. They had an uneventful flight, but enjoyed the view of the volcanoes.

Their RV is similar to ours, only much fancier. They have simulated wood grain on the dash and a section that slides out to make additional room. Only it is broken. So really, they only have wood grain that we don't have. And we have two closets and they only have half a closet. So I guess it's about even as far as luxury goes. Gas mileage is bad on both. Gasoline has varied in price from $3.05 in Oregon to $3.50 in California. We caught ourselves rejoicing over finding "cheap" gas at $3.05. Who would have thought?

We spent the night at the Lynden KOA just south of the Canadian border. Here are the RV's backed up to a beautiful pond.

Doug is playing with the water hose.

The view out our back window. Not too shabby.

We are sure glad Doug and Sue are here. Sweety is tired of my same old stories. Now she can hear Doug's same old stories. Posted by Picasa


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