Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A-day +8 Vanderhoof to Stewart

Today was a biggy as we left Dave's RV Park and headed more northward toward the Alaska highway. As I am reading about the Lewis and Clark expedition, I climbed atop the RV and struck a typical explorer pose--head that way!

The scenery has been spectacular.This is the welcome sign for the city of Smither's, BC. Could this be the World's Largest Hockey Stick? Since it was not advertised this way, I'm guessing not.

We finally turned up the Cassiar Highway, which we have been warned, is very rough. Lots of gravel road, but lots of beautiful scenery and wildlife.

How about this bad boy! One of about 5 bear we saw along the road. Almost as good as Yellowstone which I visited as a youth.


Blogger sky said...

I drove the Stewart Cassiar this winter a number of times. It is rough road alright, but you're right, the wildlife is pretty good. We too saw our share. Nice photos.

10:56 PM  

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