Monday, May 15, 2006

A-day +6 Sea to Sky Highway, Lynden to Cache Creek

Wow, what a beautiful drive!

We crossed the border into Canada just north of Lynden. The crossing was uneventful, as they didn't even ask me if I had any firewood. I guess they confiscated all they needed from me last year.

After we fought our way through the traffic in Vancouver, we started up the Sea to Sky Highway that runs to Western Canada's most popular ski destination, Whistler. This will be the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The road from Vancouver to Whistler was very nice, and there is still some ongoing contruction. But because we were passing through on Sunday, there were no contruction delays.

There were not many places to stop and take pictures, but this is one place. This is not as spectacular as some, but it is still typical of the landscape beside the highway.

After we got through Whistler, we stopped at a roadside park for lunch and just a few kilometers futher the road climbed above the snow line and we stopped to frolic in the frozenness.

As we usually do, we take turns leading from one day to the next. Today was our turn to lead and as usual, I made a mistake and missed a turn in the highway in Lillooet, BC. But as luck would have it, we passed a place that claims to have the World's Largest Chainsaw. I was almost past it when I saw the sign. Then I discovered we were not going the right direction, so we turned around and went back by the World's Largest Chainsaw. Doug and Sue and Sweety got to see it this time. As I was concerned about the location of the highway, I didn't stop to take a picture. But, as this was just about the highlight of the day, I wanted to share it with you, my blogging public. So I Googled this picture. Sorry it's so tiny. But the chainsaw is HUGE! I think it is a V-6. Here is the World's Tiniest Picture of the World's Largest Chainsaw.

Finally, we were almost to our destination of Cache Creek, BC, when we started seeing smoke coming up a canyon. Sure enough, there was a forest fire and traffic was stopped for a while as the local fire department was on the job. This area appears to be very dry. The owner of the RV park where we stayed said this is normal for this area. It is semi-arid. Same as Lubbock. Only with trees and mountains.
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