Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

I substituted in a math class yesterday for a good friend who is the girls golf coach at HHS. She is also the teacher who rescued our kid's academic career after a terrible experience with a 7th grade math teacher at HJH. But, as Alton Brown says, that's another episode.

Anyway, this is a very long day because this teacher has helped take the place of another teacher who was forced to retire due to illness. Three math teachers gave up their conference periods to take one block each for this retired, ill person. So my friend has four 1 1/2 hour blocks in a row with 30 minutes for lunch. Pretty much solid kids from 7:45 to 3:20. Then she coaches golf (not a bad job if you can get it) until the sun goes down, or something like that.

So while she was away at a golf tournament, I had her classes. Everything went well and I had several kids who are now Juniors that I had taught at HJH when they were 8th graders. It is usually fun to see those kids again and we laugh about some of the crazy things they did. And I did.

Last block though I had one kid, a girl, who just irritated the heck out of me. First, before the tardy bell rang, she asked if she could go to the restroom. Of course, she passed three restrooms to get to class, but I said sure, and she left. When she got back, her class was taking a test. She informed me that she shouldn't take the test because she had been absent. I told her Mrs. C had not left me any message about her not taking the test, so she needed to do the best she could and then work it out with the regular teacher. She took the test paper, wrote down an "A" in every multiple choice answer blank and handed in the test. I just smiled at her and told her that she needed to start on the review booklet. She said her booklet was in another room. I told her no problem, I had found several unused ones and she could just work in one of those. She said hers was already filled out. I said she needed to do it over again and not leave her books in the wrong rooms. So she took the booklet and filled in every blank with an "A", closed the booklet, and turned around to ask another student for earphones. I told her no, no listening devices in the classroom. She would just have to sit there for the next hour and fifteen minutes.

I'm now grading some work from the previous class as a favor to Mrs. C (for $60 a day, I don't grade) when this same girl asks if she can go to the nurse for some medicine. I said sure, get the pass and I will fill it out. I guess she was expecting another answer as she told me she had hurt her back and she was in pain from her neck to her waist. When I handed her the pass, I said, "Be sure to have the nurse sign and put the time you leave her office on the pass."

When she got back, the pass was not signed and I said "What was the last thing I told you to do about the nurse signing this pass?" She said the nurse signed it on the line above because it hadn't been signed. I think she was correct about this, because one of the reasons (besides the fact that I could tell this was no innocent cherub I was dealing with) that I told her to get it signed was that the line above had not been signed. When I looked at the signature, it didn't look quite right, but it was the pretty close to the other nurse signatures on the page, so I felt I had no leg to stand on as far as accusing this kid of faking the signature.

As luck would have it, another kid wanted to go to the nurse so I sent a note asking the nurse to sign the pass in the correct place for both the new kid and the one who claimed to have the aching back.

It wasn't two minutes before I get a call from the nurse's office. They haven't seen the broke-back kid today.

UH-OH. Busted!

I reamed her out pretty good and laid a little Dr. Phil on her about lieing and not working and a couple of shots of keep your mouth shut.

Poor little thing doesn't know I'll be back next week for round two. OOOwww. This is going to be fun!


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