Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Major Setback

Doofus bit one of my tutoring students yesterday afternoon. No harm was done and the skin was not broken, but this only proves that we did not get the proper training at M'sBF. I will call them today to discuss the situation.

As usual, there were circumstances that helped create the problematic situation. But bottom line, Bubba must learn that biting is inappropriate behavior. If he can't learn this, he will be out of here.

On a better note, immediately after this incident we picked up Sue and went to Big D for the Dallas Summer Musical production of Phantom of the Opera at the State Fair Music Hall. I was able to drop the girls off almost at the front door as if I were a limo driver. Sweety said the production was wonderful - great music, performances, sets, etc. That's good because I tried to find her a Christmas present that she would enjoy as much as I enjoy the golf cart she gave me.
She still has six more shows to see.

It was easy to pick them up, too. Went right back to where I dropped them off, waited about a minute for them to get to the car, whooped a u-turn and drove 2 blocks to get back on the freeway headed for home. Got here about 12:45.

Except for the attack, it was a good day.


Blogger Garden Obsession said...

Shoot. That stinks. I'll be interested to hear what they say. How about a muzzle for him when you have company? Or all the time. We got Major one that he can still drink while wearing. He popped it right off, of course, because his was to try and stop the hotspot licking and he was all wound up.

11:49 AM  

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