Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Garden Path

This is the new house in the spring. The trees are showing their first new leaves and grateful for the recent rain. I really like the bright red dwarf azaleas under the tree in the round bed. I think they are "Raider Red". I am not as impressed with the dwarf pink azaleas under the unknown variety of fruitless fruit tree on the right side of the front bed. I think an Aggie must have propagated this variety.

I also like the hang tag that remains on the tree form Yaupon Holly we planted in front of the window. It looks like a hip-hop guy's gimme cap with the tag still hanging from the top button. It still shows the retail price of $22.95. We got it last fall for half price at Smotherman's. It really is a great $11.48 tree.

This morning we went to Lowe's (where people were still p.o.ed at the check out lines-see the first post of this blog for details) and sweety bought (but I paid for, so I guess I bought) the components of the pathway to the backyard through the front flower bed. I think it looks very nice and points the way to the only outside entrance to the backyard. The rock is called "egg rock", obviously very white and rounded like river rock. In between are some tiles sweety made a few years ago by glueing stained glass on plain terra cotta tiles.
Further down the side of the house are some hydrangeas we bought at Smotherman's last fall also. They are really tough plants as we did not water them enough during the drought. I didn't think they would survive, but as soon at it warmed slightly, all three put on new leaves. This is my kind of plant. Posted by Picasa


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Wonderful! More hydrangeas! Those red azaleas are awfully pretty.

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