Saturday, July 15, 2006

Great Texas Baloon Race '06

Sweety is checking out the beach in Cancun this weekend, so I went out to Gregg County International Airport to check out this year's edition of the Great Texas Balloon Race.

The first event was at 6:30. The object of this task was to drop two bean bags in specific locations marked on the ground around a center post and toss a ring around the post. Points are awarded for best drops. I think a car or pickup is awarded for the ring toss.

This is what the scene looked like when I arrived at 6:45, just as the first balloon approached the drop area.

Here is a brown balloon with a cow on it. Some of you may recognize the symbol and find it "udderly" beautiful. Not my favorite, but he his coming in directly over the center pole. I'm not sure who sponsored this balloon, but I think it was a local proctologist.

Here is a much more colorful design, and sponsored by America's favorite burger joint, Jucy's.

It was getting hot already, so I was back home by 8:00 am. Took the Bubbster for a walk and warned him to be on the lookout for flying cows.


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