Monday, May 29, 2006

A-day +21 Seattle to Longview

We left Seattle about 11:45 pm (PDT) and flew to DFW, arriving about 6:00 am (CDT). Some of us slept some, while others did not. We sat around at Gate A9 until 9:15 am (CDT) and we landed in Longview at 10:00 am (CDT).

We were met with the news that Doug and Sue's grandson, Paxton, fell from the golf cart and cracked his noggin pretty hard. He is in a Shreveport hospital, so I bet MiMi and PawPaw are with him as this is being written.

Sweety and I went to Buckner's for lunch with her dad. Now I'm going to turn on the TV and take a nap.

GREAT TRIP, Doug and Sue and Sweety. I had a blast. Hope you did as well.

No pictures. Use your imagination.


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