Saturday, May 27, 2006

A-day +17 Kasilof, AK to Homer, AK

Don't I look like a fisherman? I'm proud to report that I did not have to clean any fish stink off my hands. Neither did Doug, or anybody else that I could see. But we had fun and the river was beautiful. After about 1 1/2 hours, my feet were frozen. We left for better water on the road to Homer, one of my favorite cities in Alaska.

We stopped for lunch at Anchor Point, AK, and watched this action on the beach. They have a system for launching and trailering boats here that I have never seen before. They use this big four-wheel drive tractor to launch the boats, they assign a number to the trailer, and then when the boat is ready to be put back on the trailer, the tractor puts the trailer back in the water and hauls the whole thing out.

BTW, the road to the beach at Anchor Point is the most westerly highway in North America.

This is a typical view of Cook's Inlet as one drives down the western coast of the Kenai Peninsula on Highway 1.

We have arrived in Homer and look forward to not doing much. I'll go look for that Motel 6 guy. Posted by Picasa


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