Saturday, May 27, 2006

A-day +18 The Homer Spit

We had a great meal of halibut last night at the Spitfire Grill on the spit in Homer. The spit is a gravel penisula that can be seen in this picture jutting out into Katchemak Bay from the city. It doesn't look very big in this picture, but is actually about 2 miles long. We were on a bluff high above the city eating lunch today when this picture was taken.

After a hard morning of gallery hopping and shopping, we took naps and then went out to the spit. Doug was driving and he dropped me off at the man-made fishing hole. When the salmon run, they come into this giant pool built up like a levee constructed along side the spit. There is a gap in one side where water from the bay enters and allows the salmon to swim into the pool. While the girls shopped and Doug read in the RV, I sat in my folding chair and watched the action. No one caught anything. It looked like Doug and me. Lots of different methods were employed, and none were working.

After supper, we came back by and Doug wanted to stop and see what was happening and wow, what great, free entertainment.

This little kid has a great big king salmon hooked. Look how hard he is working to land this giant fish. He made two trips up and down the bank fighting this bad boy.

After about fifteen minutes he finally got the fish to the bank. Everyone on the bank applauded.

If you are squeamish, don't look at the next picture.

Here is the proper technique for killing a giant salmon--HIT IT IN THE HEAD WITH A ROCK!

Look how cool this kid is with his catch. He has all the gear and a real fisherman's look about him. I think he may be Russo-american, as I think he had a Russian accent.

Anyway, it was a great show. Posted by Picasa


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