Thursday, May 25, 2006

A-day +15 Afternoon

So much happened today, I couldn't get it all in one blog.

After lunch, Doug and I bought fishing licenses and went fishing in Goose Creek, about 20 miles south of Talkeetna. While we were fishing, Sue and Sweety went shopping. Who would have guessed? Sweety got the coolest bag-o-fur, about 20 or more pieces of real fur from lynx, fox, mink, rabbit, nauga, etc., all for only $10. The best part was this tail that Doug is using to make us think he has enough hair for a pony tail.

Little children, do not be afraid. It's only PaPa.
Here he is not catching fish on Goose Creek.

After a wonderful supper, we went to town for dessert and at the end of Main Street, we went out beside the Susitna River and took more pictures of Mt. McKinley.

Is this a great place or what? Posted by Picasa


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