Friday, October 06, 2006

Meet Miss Sassy

We have a new member of the family! We adopted this cute little lady from the Humane Society today. We took her to Dr K. and she is healthy except for fleas. She has been very sweet and more importantly, Bubba has not taken a bite out of her. She is smart enough to keep her distance from him. She is a purebred Pomeranian about 3 years old (they think) and we can't tell if she is spayed. She weighs a whopping 5.2 pounds (1/11th of Bubba).

She can jump into Sweety's lap on the couch and both are happy.

We bought her a small crate and her own little food and water bowls.

So far things are good. We'll let you know.


Blogger Garden Obsession said...

Aww! She's a cutie! I can't wait to meet her! Good for Bubba for being nice to her. Or at least ignoring her.

10:39 PM  

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