Sunday, August 06, 2006

Clear Springs Cafe

Sweety and I tried a new restaurant in Tyler last night, Clear Springs Cafe. It is part of a chain (sorry, but some chains are great). They have locations in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Midland, and Nacogdoches.

We thought it was pretty good and the prices were reasonable. Sweety had garlic shrimp served on a bed of rice (the rice was the only thing not particularly tasty), with cole slaw (as the waiter said, "tastes kinda' like KFC") and green beans. I had "award winning" chicken fried steak (better than average, and only $7.95 for more than I could eat), baked potato (sorry, South Beach Diet), and good pinto beans. We also shared a run-of-the-mill garden salad.

The highlight of the meal for me was the homemade onion rings. I have searched the world over for the best OR's, and these are right at the top. Had to add some salt, but they were served very hot and there were a bunch of them for $3.95. Again, more than the two of us cared to eat.

We also enjoyed the domino tables in the waiting area. Even though we don't know how to play dominoes, we made up our own game and Sweety sneaked by me, 3 games to 2. When a lady and little girl sat down with us we reverted to my favorite childhood use of dominoes; stand them on end in a row then push the first one and watch them fall. This made the 25-minute wait fly by. They also suspended inverted minnow buckets from the ceiling as light fixtures over the booths. Very crafty.

They have several very tasty sounding seafood items on the menu. We will have to go back and check out some other stuff like the cajun gumbo or jalapeno crawfish chowder. Yummy.

Regular readers (both of you) should note that this is an exact copy of my food blog, Ate More, Moved Less. Sorry, but the two blogs have sort of become intertwined. I'll save you the trouble of clicking that mouse thingy.


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Sounds good!

Somehow when I got my new computer and switched to Google Reader as my blog reader, your blogs didn't import in. Nice to finally realize this and have a whole page of new posts to entertain me!

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