Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fish Day

Our first full day out in the Conch Republic turned out to be fish day. Fortunately, we didn't have to do the catching, we just saw and ate fish all day long.

After the FREE breakfast at the lovely Wicker Guest House, we hopped the Old Town Trolley.......

..... for a tour of, well, Old Town Key West. That's as opposed to new town Key West. Duh.

For a mere $58 US, we could ride all day and get on and off at any of the 12 stops along the trolley route. You get a narrated tour of some the historic sites, homes, and public places in KW. Think river ride at Six Flags. For example, arriving at the local cemetery, the tour guide announces, "We are now at the dead center of town!" You get my drift.

When we arrived at the trolley's home base, there is the giant Carnival Cruise Line's ship Holiday parked beside the wharf were we find the usual t-shirt shops and crappy gift stores. So naturally we had to have some cheepo t-shirts and crappy gifts. If you are lucky, you may be the beneficiary of some of this when we get home.

There is also an aquarium which was built during the depression as part of the plan to revitalize the local economy.

Key West has had more than its fair share of disasters over its history, but it was really in bad shape at this time. I would recommend the aquarium if you happen to come here as you get to get peed on by a sea cucumber and touch a real, live shark. Notice how this unknown tourista is enjoying his SHARK!!!! experience.

BTW, you do not come away from the shark experience with smelly fish hands because sharks have skin (think boots), not scales and therefore no stinky fish slime is necessary to protect the shark. FYI, fewer people are killed by shark attacks each year than are killed by falling coconuts. NEVER EVER go near coconut infested waters!

After the aquarium, it was lunch time so we went to the Conch Republic Seafood Restaurant where I had a Cuban Sandwich and Sweety had Crab Cake. Very tasty. On the way back to the trolley stop, we had key lime pie. This makes two days in a row. Key lime pie is to Key West as lobster is to Maine. Keep this word association in mind as it may show up on the SAT Reasoning Test.

After completing the rest of the trolley tour of KW, we climbed the stairs of our little cottage in the palms for a nice nap.

Then it was time to plan the evening's adventure which pretty much meant finding a place to have supper and getting back to watch American Idol. After much walking we wound up right next door to our B&B where we once again found fish. Sweety had hog-nosed trout (aka pork kabobs) and I had the Sizzling Thai Whole Fish. With a free glass of wine. Very tasty.


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