Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Beginning of the End

Well today (Friday the 8th) was much more laid back as will be the rest of our trip. We wanted a hot breakfast so we went to Camille's which was recommended for breakfast. Very tasty, simple, expensive. Then we set out to revisit Hemingway's home so Sweety could pick up some stuff at the gift shop. We then walked several blocks back toward the marina area to buy some more gifts.

We purposely took a route that brought us by one of KW's famous landmarks: the beginning/end of the famous US 1 highway that runs for KW to Fort Kent, Maine at the Canadian border a distance of over 2,000 miles. We drove on it looking for lobster restaurants while we were with D & S in Maine a few years ago. We had to have a picture. I wish I had known when we were in Maine that I would be here and I would have taken a picture of the other end of US 1. Who knew?

We stopped in a fabric store to get some fabric to make a quilt. I sat in a chair and read the local newspaper. Key West (really all of south Florida) is in a drought, so water is rationed. And the school superintendent's wife has been charged with stealing $180,000 while she was in charge of adult education in the district. Same old same old.

By then it was hot so we stopped at a bar for colas and to cool off. Then went to find lunch. Unfortunately I lead us to a spot that had a good recommendation, but it was hot and fishy smelling so we left and went to the closest place we could find that had chairs and food. It turned out to be the Schooner Wharf Bar. It had all the requirements we were looking for including live music from a guy named Mike McCloud with a cute little dog in his guitar case. This was great fun.

After about an hour, we headed back to the B&B, but it was hotter so we had to stop about half way there for ice cream. We made it back just in time for naps.

We forgot to take the camera with us to supper, but we ate at a funky place named Blue Heaven which has chickens and cats running around all over the place. S, you could eat and launch little chickens into the air with your feet at the same time. The history of the place is very interesting including having Ernest Hemingway referee boxing matches in the area that is now the open air dining location. You can read the history here. You'll have to go the the "ABOUT US" link on their home page to get the full history.

Then home to get some rest from all the hot walking. Good night, John Boy.


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