Sunday, March 05, 2006

Help, He's Starving!

Not really. Just trying to stir up some sympathy for the tip jar.

I got a call yesterday from Amber (or Amy?) at Man's Best Friend saying that they noticed that when I signed Bubba in Friday I requested he be fed a lamb and rice dog food as he is allergic to either corn or beef, we don't know which. She left a message on the recorder that since I didn't leave any food for him, and if I still wanted him to have lamb and rice, I would have to buy one of their bags of dogfood.

When I called back, I told them of course I would buy a bag of food for Bubba as I didn't want him to starve. Of course I knew they wouldn't let him starve, but she was all "Oh, we wouldn't let him starve. We would feed him." I told her I was just jacking with her, but I'm not so sure she was convinced. I did tell her that we brought a new bag of food with us, but they have a sign that says "If you bring food for your dog, you must bag enough food for each meal individually. No food will be returned." So, since we had not known of this rule (and would not have bagged up 14 days of meals anyway), we just brought the food home, assuming incorrectly they would feed him the proper kind of food. Looks like for what we are paying, they could chip in with the correct food.

Anyway, just remember when you make your DONATION to the Save Bubba Fund, to kick in a little extra for the food.

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