Friday, February 17, 2006


I am not by nature a vengeful person. But after substituting in a nasty class of sophomore and junior world history students today, I decided I needed to get my disgust out of my system.

I had a couple of girls who were loud and obnoxious from the time they walked into the classroom today. I wound up sending them to the office just to get them out of the room. I do not get paid enough to put up with their crap. I found out later that they hacked the Asst. Principal off while sitting outside his office too.

As I was getting into my car to come home, I thought about the way we used to discuss people who failed to pay their school taxes. We were pretty sure that if we published a list of those people, some of whom were pillars of the community, in the local newspaper, they would have a greater incentive to pay up. The state almost gave schools the power to do this many years ago, put the bill died, probably because some big bull was about to get gored.

So I think I will blog the names of these two nincompoops. No one will ever see them. I will use their real first names, but not their last. If, by some incomprehensible accident, their parents see this, good! These people embarrassed themselves and their families. So parents, if you have a schoolgirl named Jordan or Raven, and she got sent to the principal's office today, you have a problem. Straighten it out. If you want to apologize, great. I accept.

And while we're on a roll, if you are a teacher and do not leave a current seating chart and detailed instructions for your substitute, shame on you too!

I feel better already.

Better be nice, or I might post your name, too.


Blogger Tory said...

Oh I SO feel your pain! I'm Tory, a friend of Heathers and I are a teechur two. Man oh man can those girls get to your last nerve and the MOMENT they know it, they just keep pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing. I'm now in a situation where I teach almost all boys (only two girls) in a program that kids have to apply to get into. It's literally TEACHER HEAVEN! Come! Join me!

By the way I LOVE the chair...and the dog. I want the chair! The dog too...Did you make that? It's awesome!

I hope next week goes better for you.

1:26 PM  
Blogger What Was I Thinkin'? said...

Thanks for the sympathy.

Be careful what you ask for. Bubba and his chair may be on your doorstep one morning.

We make those chairs from Norm (New Yankee Workshop) Abram's plans. They are made from cypress so they are naturally resistant to rot. Sweety designs the backs from a pet photo and paints them. We have made flower shaped backs and golf ball backs. Usually we charge about $100 each.

How many do you want? :-)

2:37 PM  
Blogger Tory said...

Oooh! That is tempting! I think I might take you up on that offer. What would shipping be?

7:36 PM  
Blogger What Was I Thinkin'? said...

Probably very expensive. We have never shipped one. We deliver within 200 miles of our house. Since I have never seen that beautiful mountain pictured on your blog, I assume you are not in our free delivery zone. :)

7:54 PM  
Blogger What Was I Thinkin'? said...

I also assume you are talking about a chair, not Bubba. :)

7:56 PM  
Blogger Tory said...

Yeah, the chair not Bubba. Bubba looks WAY to comfortable to move to the PNW!

I wonder if Roy could make one of those chairs? I love 'em!

12:22 AM  

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