Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Stuff Around the House

Here are pictures of some new stuff around the house.

We will start with the new front door. It has an arched window to match the windows on the front of the house and upgraded hardware. Why didn't someone else think of that?

So this is the new front view. Should have taken a better picture so you could see both arches at the same time. There are new shrubs in front of the window. Don't know what they are, but have wispy branches with verigated leaves.

This is the new patio made of Arizona flagstone. Unfortunately, all of our backyard stuff is piled on the old patio. Equally as new and as good is the new back door, partially hidden by the post. There used to be a window there. We had the window removed, the bricks cut out, the new door installed, and the bricks and mortar replaced. Very cool. The inside was repainted and you could never tell that the only door to the backyard was through the master bedroom.


Turning slightly to the left you see more patio, the greenhouse for the lemon tree, and the beginnings of flower beds along the fence. Still much work to be done here.
This is the back corner of the patio. We plan to put bamboo here to block the ugly view of the road that is beyond the fence.

This is the new door from the computer/bedroom inside the house. The door is the kind with blinds built in between the two panes of glass. We can raise and lower the blinds and open or close the blinds with sliders on the door. Very cool. You can also see Bubba relaxing on his new patio.

Finally, for you gardening types, here are my trays of potting soil with herb seeds hopefully sprouting soon. I saved the trays from the pansies (YES, PANSIES! OK? Get over it!) that you see by the front porch and planted some basil, oregano, and cilantro seeds in them. My italian parsley that I grew last summer has overwintered nicely in the big pot in the shade by the side of the house. In the greenhouse, I still have a nice rosemary plant that came from Minnesota two or three years ago.


Blogger Garden Obsession said...

Wow! You've been busy! I didn't realize you'd had the door done, too. Excellent! The flagstone looks great (though I'm sort of mourning the loss of the soil it's replacing... were you able to use some of it for the new beds?)

Is there a sprinkler system back there? It's going to look fabulous with all the furniture set up and plants and everything. You're down to the fun part now!

5:25 PM  
Blogger What Was I Thinkin'? said...

Yeah, Mom will have lots to do. :-)

There is a sprinkler system and I capped two of the heads that would have been under the patio. I have new heads for three of the sprinklers because they need new spray patterns.

One of the guys who did the work wanted the dirt for a hole in his driveway. It actually is not very good-black gumbo. Don't know where this grass came from, but I wouldn't want to live there.

6:47 PM  

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