Tuesday, March 22, 2005

what was lost is founD

I found the original "Bubba Bites" bloG. I even wrote a piece on it for publicatioN. then I accidentally somehow lost the composition while trying to spell-check iT. damN! that blog is curseD. so I have decided to forever ignore that site since I always screw it up and this one is becoming well known by up to four peoplE. I wonder how you delete a blog on blogspoT? I still can't figure out how to get a picture on this suckeR.

well, anyway you may have noticed that I am trying a new style or form for punctuatioN. have you ever tried the little clicky place in the upper right-hand corner on Blogspot that says "Next BloG"? well I have, and buddy it's a whole new world out therE. never do I get the same blog twice and what I do get is often written in spanish or hindi or farsi or some other language with which I am not familiaR. it is fun to see what follows my lame rantings on BlogspoT. I just know those foreigners are really smarT. try it sometime and see what you geT. the other day, the next blog was in spanisH. I have always liked the way one puts a upside-down question mark or upside-down exclamation mark IN FRONT of a question or exclamation in spanisH.

so this new style or form for English punctuation is designed for those who get tired of or just plain forget to capitalize the first letter of the first word of every sentence, question, or exclamation in a composition in the English languagE. this new method lets one ignore that silly rule and instead emphasises the importance of stopping at the end of a sentence, question or exclamation to take a breatH. this could mean the end of the run-on sentence as we've known iT. we've probably used the old rule since the time of King Arthur and it's now time to move into the 21st century with this punctuation thinG. the spanish writers are way ahead of us in so many wayS.

like punctuation and the siestA.

this change will be great for little kidS. they won't have to remember that stupid rule and now only have to capitalize the letter that comes just in front of the period, question mark or exclamation mark in any sentencE. this should really help them, because if they make a mistake and don't notice they forgot to capitalize the first letter until they are almost finished with the sentence, they don't have to go back and erase a whole bunch of stuff to try to cram in that big ol' capital letteR. just think how much better their paper will look without all the smudges and holeS. now this could be bad for the rubber eraser industry, so if you have stock in Goodyear or Bridgestone, you might want to sell now because there could be a glut and the bottom might fall out of the markeT. isn't it amazing how these things are so intertwineD?

I digresseD.

anyway, little kids will probably increase their vocabularies because they will be able to write longer, more complicated sentences, which is another good thinG. and, because sentences will be longer and better thought out, questions should be longer and better thought out alsO. yeah, that's the ticket, fewer dumb questionS. but, since I was a teacher and always said, "now students, don't laugh at Grudzelda's question, because there is no such thing as a dumb questioN" I guess I can't use that as an argument for my new style or forM. seE? it's all interelateD.

there are probably many other good reasons for acceptance of this new style or forM. if you want to help think of some good reasons, please put them in the "comment" sectioN. right now I can't think of any because it's time for my siestA.


Blogger What Was I Thinkin'? said...

It is now 2018, and that punctuation thingy is really stupid. Move on, dummy.

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